An Celadon and Russet Nephrite Jade ‘Double-Peach’ 


2 9/16 inches

Provenance: US Collection


With large twig tendril wrapping around a large peach forming the lower portion of the bottle and a smaller peach forming the upper portion, the twigs utilizing darker skin patches, some losses, stopper.

The format of fruit forms carved from this type of jade is well established in the snuff bottle oeuvre. It is suggested by Moss, et al., A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles, The Mary and George Bloch Collection, Vol.1, pp. 154-155, no. 62, that the entire group of fruit, flower and vegetable form bottles be grouped together under one generic heading of ‘naturalistic’ bottles. The popularity at court cannot be in doubt as they form a large portion of the published nephrite bottles from the Imperial collection. See also Hughes, The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Chinese Snuff Bottles, pp. 32-33, no. 19, for a gourd or melon-form bottle cut from a similar material.


The peach, whilst being a long-held sacred subject of longevity, is also the symbol of the venerable Daoist god, Shoulao and the immortal Dongfang Shuo, who is depicted clutching peaches stolen from the garden of Xiwangmu (Queen Mother of the West)