The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Chinese Snuff Bottles: Book cover

by Michael C. Hughes 
The International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, Baltimore, 2009


The Chester Beatty Library presents highlights from the snuff bottle collection of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. By trade a mining engineer and financier, Beatty was fascinated all his life by the ways Chinese artisans of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) selected and carved precious minerals and organic materials into containers for powdered tobacco. Snuff bottles were among his earliest purchases as a young collector in New York around 1900.


In this book, the New York-based expert, Michael C. Hughes, has catalogued several hundred of the finest and rarest examples by type. Hughes’s carefully researched descriptions are accompanied by fine new digital photography. This volume fulfills Chester Beatty’s wish, expressed almost a century ago, that his collection should be published.


ISBN 9627287571

International Snuff Bottles Society

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