A Large Korean Blue and White Bottle Vase

Late Chosen Dynasty (1392-1910)

13 3/4  inches high


Of wide-bodied tear-drop shape with  tall slender neck, painted with a semi-continouos scene around the body, in rich and varying tones of cobalt blue, with a descending crane amidst clouds above a running spotted-deer clutching a lingzhi (fungus) in its mouth above rockwork and leaping towards a large pine tree which rises  to the neck from a grassy hillock near bamboo, the neck with a slightly rolled mouth rim, the shallow base glazed and the foot ring left in the biscuit.

A similar vase (wine bottle) in the University of Michigan Art Museum is illustrated in UMMA Exchange - University of Michigan,


Another smaller blue and white  vase (11 3/4 inches high) with longevity symbols which included deer and crane but also tortoises, was sold by Christies, New York, 15th September 2010, lot 737