Straw-Glazed Pale Pottery Brilliantly Caparisoned Horse

Sui Dynasty 隋 (581-618) / Henan

11 3/8 inches high


Standing four-square on a rectangular base, covered in an overall straw glaze bleeding to a very pale light-green in places, and with touches of black and red pigment to various areas of the strapping and fittings, wearing a saddle with long pleated saddle cloth and with extraordinary detailed caparisons of tassels and fleur-de-lys like ornaments, and centered above the hind-quarters with a further cloth throw with a large relief lotus design at the middle, the neck and head with further finely detailed fleur-de-lys and medallion ornaments.

For a very similar example  in the Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berrlin, see William Watson, , Fribourg, Switzerland, 1984, p. 196, fig 216


The stance and heavy ornaments of this Tang pre-classical phase, is reminiscent of the 'Sasanian' style of some of the Sui dynasty vases