Standing Figure of a Foreigner Wearing a Camel Coat - Possibly a Groom - Painted Gray Pottery

Tang Dynasty 唐 (618-907)

17 3/8 inches high

Provenance: Private West Coast Collection

Christie’s New York, 20 March 1997, lot 378

Exhibited: On Loan to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1996-2010


Possibly depicting a Central Asian or a Mongolian, wearing a thick winter fur coat left open at the front and vented at the back, his undershirt falling over his tall black boots, the left hand concealed within the sleeve, the head tilted upward with large rounded cheeks and hair neatly tied back in to three strands at the back.


The thick coat with its broad triangular collar and the tall leather boots, are typical of Central Asian or Mongolian dress, and are similar to those worn by a foreign dignitary depicted in a wall painting of 706 in the tomb of Li Xian, Crown Prince Zhanghuai at Qianling, Shaanxi province, see The Metropolitan Museum also has a similar figure see


The result of Thermoluminescence test, Oxford 866b95 is consistent with the dating of this figure.