A rare Manchurian-inscribed and dated “Imperial” five-legged stone incense stand, xiangji

Inscribed made in the 37th year of the Qianlong reign (1772)


Of elegant fluid form, the pierced circular top with ‘ice-plate’ edge above a high waist with carved floral cartouches divided by shou characters, the bracket-shaped apron with a carved symmetric floral design and a beaded edge running down the slender cabriole legs terminating in up-turned palmettes enclosing a ball like design, all on a slightly domed circular base with cartouches mirroring the waist, the underside cut into two sections for dedication, one half with the Manchurian inscription dated Qianlong 1772

5 ½ inches high



The Manchurian inscription reads: abkai wehiyehe gvsin nadan ci aniya weilehe

This can be translated as: Made in the thirty-seventh year of the Qianlong reign (1772)