A Large Famiile Rose "One Hundred Boy's" Baluster Vase with Unusual Descending Ruyi-head Rim

Qianlong Iron-Red Six-Character Rectangular Seal Mark reserved on a white-glaze set within a turquoise-glazed base (1735-96 or possibly during the Abdication Period, 1796-99)

19 1/2 inches high


Of wide-bodied form, painted in a continuous scene around the body with the so-called ''one hundred boy's' design, showing boys at various pursuits during a lantern procession in a fenced garden with rockwork, trees and buildings, the waisted neck and waisted foot painted in bright enamels with lotus, hibiscus and other flowers dividing bats, endless knots and shou characters, on a turquoise ground between bands of key-pattern, the neck rim unusually modeled with eight ruyi shaped petals  turning outward and painted with floral sprays on a yellow ground edged in gilt, the neck interior also turquoise glazed.

For a vase of slightly smaller size (15 Inches high) but of identical shape and near identical formal panel decoration to the foot and neck and also with the same very unusual mouth treatment of cloud or ruyi lappets, but painted to the wider central section with immortals and children rather than children alone, see Porcelains with Cloisonne Enamel Decoration and Famille Rose Decoration, The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, p.137, No. 120, from the Qing Court Collection


For a another 'One Hundred Boy' vase of larger size but decorated in a similar fashion and also bearing an iron-red seal mark but with a different form of neck, see Christie's Hong Kong, 28 May 2014, lot 3326