A Jichimu and hardwood two-part cabinet, Sijiangui
Late Qing Dynasty


66 1/2 inches high; 29 1/2 inches wide; 16 1/4 inches deep 


The side panels and the frame in a well-figured Jichimu and the panels in a darker wood, possibly nanmu, each section with two doors and shelving to the interior, the upper section with circular panels and the larger lower section with six hexafoil roundels, all carved in relief with boys at various pursuits, the doors further carved in relief with a ground of Daoist objects, the doors each with gilt metal hinges and lock-plates engraved with a dragon and phoenix, the side panels plain, trailing gourds carved to the shaped apron and the legs, with gilt-metal feet.


Provenance: Mr. Paul Muller, Danish consul in China.


A very similar pair of cabinets dated to the 'Middle Qing Dynasty' are illustrated in Furniture Of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (II), The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, Hong Kong 2002, p. 240, No. 204.