Blue & Sancai-Glazed Pale Pottery Jar

Tang Dynasty 唐 (618-907)

8 ½ inches diam.

Provenance: West Coast Collection

Japanese Private Collection


Of squat rounded shape, with molded or incised horizontal bands either side of the mid-section and on the shoulder and with eight evenly-spaced five-petaled florets on the shoulder all under a primarily blue glaze with the florets picked out in cream, ochre and green splashes and the lower section with mottled splashes of ochre and green, the short waisted neck under a brown glaze, the base with simple foot ring.

For a similar sized jar with a speckled blue glaze from the Baur Collection, Geneva, Switzerland, no. 596, see William Watson, Tang and Liao Ceramics, P. 165, fig 157, where it is assigned to manufacture in Henan or Shaanxi Provence around the first half of the 8th century, and where the unusual combination of colors; reserved passages of cream and dabs of brown set on a blue ground; are remarked on.