A Rare Under-glaze Copper-red-decorated 'Three-abundances' (Sanduo) Small Jarlet

Qianlong Six-character Rectangular Seal Mark and of the Period (1735-96)

3 3/4 inches diam., 2 1/4 inches high


Finely potted and of squat shape, delicately painted with loose sprays of three fruiting groups; peach, finger citrus and lychee, to the sides of the wide-bodied low vessel, the red of pale tones.


It is unusual to find the lychee replacing the pomegranate in the depiction of the 'three abundances', sanduo, however the use of a lychee is not out of place as it too is revered as a fruit of fertility. The word for Lychee is homophonous with the word lizi for establishing a son. 

For a superb underglaze copper-red decorated meiping depicting five differing sprays of fruit comprising peach, finger citrus, lychee and also pomegranate and loquat, see Sotheby's Hong Kong, 7 October 2015, lot 3608. For an example of a vase painted in underglaze copper-red with the sanduo, see Christie's New York, 23 March 2012, lot 2088. For a small jarlet, also Qianlong marked and painted in underglaze copper red with bats and lotus, see Sotheby's Hong Kong, 5 October 2016, lot 3691.