A rare Dehua blue and white small table tripod censer
17/18th century


4 inches across, 3 inches high, wood box


Of very slightly tapering and waisted cylindrical shape and supported on three ziggurat-shaped feet, under a viscous milky glaze and painted in blackish-blue cobalt with a continuous river landscape scene with a lone figure in his boat heading towards a promontory with rustic shelters, only the base of the feet  and part of the interior remain unglazed.


It is rare to find blue and white Dehua wares. The milky nature of the glaze made any underglaze decoration quite 'soft' or 'fuzzy' after firing, unlike the crisp scenes found on Jingdezhen underglaze production.  


For a lengthy discussion of Dehua blue and white see P. J. Donnelly, Blanc De Chine, The Pottery of Tehua in Fukien, New York, 1967, p. 219-227 and a number of examples including a bombe-shaped censer are illustrated, pls. 136-137.