A Pair of Turquoise and Aubergine-Glazed Buddhistic Lions

Kangxi (1662-1722)

16 1/4 inches high, fitted wood stands


Molded in mirror image seated on their rear haunches on pieced and stepped pedestal bases, the female with a cub clambering to her right foreleg, the male with his left paw on a pierced ball, both looking to the side with wide open mouths their tongues in biscuit porcelain, the movable eyes modeled separately, all under attractive unctuous glazes.



From the estate of Dr. Arthur and Ruth Sokoloff


In Chinese arts, a lion playing with a brocade ball and another playing with a cub represent the wish 'may you and your descendants achieve high rank' (taishi shaoshi).

A similar pair of turquoise and aubergine-glazed lions of slightly larger size (19 inches high), originally in the collection of the Prince de Condé in Chantilly at the end of the 18th century is illustrated in the catalogue, Musée Chinois de l'Impératrice Eugénie, Château de Fontainbleau, no.F 1736 C.


Another pair is illustrated by A.du Boulay, Chinese Porcelain, London, 1963, pl.74, although the size is not mentioned. Another pair, 20 inches high, was offered at Christie's London, 5 June 1972, lot 63. See also a pair offered at Bonhams , London, 8 November 2012, Lot 101.