A Massive Longquan Celadon Tripod Censer

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

12 inches across, 7 3/8 inches high, wood stand


the circular tapering vessel supported on short cabriole legs, the exterior with applied decoration of stylized scrolling lotus between bow-string bands, the flattened everted rim and interior glazed save for the base interior, the large rounded foot rim also left in the reddish-brown biscuit, overall crackled glaze with thinning at the areas of applied decoration

The shape of this censer is based on  an archaic bronze vessel, lian, of the Han dynasty, and are often molded with bow-strings around the body. For a smaller and earlier Southern Song dynasty example (5 5/8 inches diam.), see Christie's Hong Kong, 27 November 2013, lot 3277


A Yuan Dynasty Longquan vase with very similar molded floral decoration applied to the wide body was sold at Christie's Hong Kong, 29 May 2013, lot 2221.


See also a smaller censer dated as probably 14th or 15th Century illustrated by John Alexander Pope, Chinese Porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine, Washington, 1956, pl. 125, 29.655