A Large Floral-Carved Cizhou Vase, Meiping
Jin/Yuan Dynasty, 12/13th Century

15 3/8 inches high


Deaccessioned from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2016


The slender tapering oviform vase spreading very slightly at the foot and carved through a white slip in varying registers to reveal the gray stoneware body,
the entire vessel then dipped in a clear glaze, the lower register  with upright leaves reserved on the darker ground below a loosely incised band of scrolling foliage, the wide mid-center of the body with a wide band of scrolling peony reserved on the darker ground below the white-slip covered gently-rounded shoulder and tapering mouth, the base unglazed

Mrs. Samuel T. Peters (1859-1943) Collection. 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, accessioned in 1926.
Deaccessioned from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2016


Vases of similar type with a variety of floral scrolling and differing register sizes can be found in many of the world’s great collections, for examples, see Mayuyama, Seventy Years, Vol. 1, Tokyo, 1976, p. 185, no. 544, from the Tokyo National Museum and Ceramics of the Song, Liao, Western Xia and Jin Dynasties, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1983, p. 288, fig. 6.28, for an example unearthed in 1963 from Tangyin County, Henan province and now in the Henan Provincial Museum.


For a slightly wider-bodied but smaller meiping with panels of floral decoration on a darker ground, see J. J. Lally  & Co, Song Dynasty Ceramics, The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection, Catalogue, March-April, 2013, no. 47.